Location: Rome, Georgia
Area: 3825 SF, 30+ acres of land
Year: 2016
Description: The design and construction of the Rome Tennis Center at Berry College has been an active endeavor of the City of Rome, Georgia, for several years. With the passing of the 2013 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST), and through the donation of land by Berry College, the conception of the $9 million facility became an attainable reality. Following several months of design iteration, with direction from the designated stakeholders on the Steering Committee, and budget reinforcement through the general contractor, a refined design of the facility was developed.

The design acknowledges the provision of necessary programming, while also tackling the extremely topographic nature of the site. The terracing of the land will allow for the program, 0% slope tennis courts, to be efficiently nestled into the natural lay of the land, which includes 70+ feet of drop from its highest point. The location of the clubhouse, terraced above the tennis courts, allows for an elegant entry into the site, and will draw one’s eye to the exceptional views beyond.

Construction began June of 2015, and finalized the Summer of 2016 with the completion fifty-four (54) United States Tennis Association (USTA) standard tennis courts. An additional eight (8) "10 & Under" tennis courts are provided through striping "10 & Under" lines on two (2) traditionally sized courts. Also, included in the fifty-four (54) courts, are six (6) National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulation courts and three (3) center courts for tournament finals and collegiate play. All tennis courts are appropriately lit and provide shade cabanas for players.

Construction also included the facility clubhouse and restroom pavilion. Each structure aligns with the architectural intention for the overall site, and provides an appropriate, experiential environment for public, collegiate, and tournament play. The clubhouse includes concessions, restrooms, office space, and a tournament room, as well as other necessary programing for the functionality of the facility as a whole. Additionally, the clubhouse offers a large covered porch that takes advantage of the slope of the site and provides views to the tennis courts and the Georgia foothills beyond.

The Rome Tennis Center at Berry College is one of the largest tennis facilities in North America. It encompasses approximately thirty (30) acres of land, and engages a design aesthetic loyal to the surrounding Northwest Georgia environment.