Location: Mount Berry, Georgia
Area: 4400 SF
Year: 2016
Description: The Rollins Animal Research Laboratory is designed to be a central hub for consolidating Berry College’s animal research capabilities. Berry College’s animal science program is designed to provide students with a firm foundation in biological and natural sciences and prepare them for a professional career in animal related industries. The design of the research facility provides a distinct laboratory for cows, and a flexible laboratory for goats, sheep, and poultry. Stanchions, chutes, and pens are to be provided, as well as a state of the art research laboratory with chemical fume hoods for preparation of blood and tissue samples. A secure medicinal storage room, for the college veterinarian, is also provided. It is a fairly simple and functional design using a pre-manufactured metal structure. The new facility will provide hands on research experience for students, allowing for a challenging and rewarding learning environment.