Location: Rome, Georgia
Area: 5760 SF
Year: 2013-present
Description: The design of the Oak Hill Pavilion has been an active endeavor of Berry College for several years. Inspired by the elegant environment of Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum, the new pavilion will be nestled into the landscape, providing an exquisite atmosphere for receptions and events. Envisioned by Berry College alumnus, Al Christopher, the pavilion will primarily be constructed with materials Christopher has generously donated and will showcase his expertise in woodworking. The structure’s beams will be constructed from river-dredged Cyprus and the twenty arched, full lite exterior doors are to be constructed from African Teak. The pavilion will provide 5,760 square feet of conditioned space, with the option to extend the threshold between interior and exterior space through the opening of the arched doorways along the perimeter of the structure.